Appetite Suppressant Therapy

We understand that sometimes, we all just need a little help to get started...losing weight and becoming the best fit you can be overwhelming.  Appetite Suppressants are used in our program on a short-term basis to help curve your appetite, so you can focus on organizing your life to incorporate healthy eating, and exercise for long term success and maintenance of your new body. After a thorough assessment by one of our board certified and licensed providers, you will understand the purpose of this type therapy and why it may benefit you in your long term goals of weight loss.

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Is the WeVisit medically Supervised Weight Loss program for me?

Can you commit to a program for 90 days that will require you to be committed to yourself?

Can you commit to a program for 90 days that will allow you to make mistakes, yet not feel condemned for doing so?

Can you commit to a program that puts yourself, your health, and safety as a priority?

Do you deserve to be happy, healthy, and proud to be in the skin you're in?

If you have answered yes, to all of these questions, then this program is for you...

Medically supervised In-Home Weight Loss Program

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