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Treatment of acute and minor illnesses:
Urinary Tract Infections, Strep, Flu, Simple Sutures, Ear Infections, Ear Wax Removal, Abscess Drainage, Pink Eye, Sinus Infections, Migraines, Yeast Infections, Bronchitis, Nausea Vomiting / Diarrhea, Skin conditions (minor burns), shingles, bug bites, stings, sprains, strains,


In need of medication refills until your next appointment with your primary care provider? We can help! Birth Control, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, anti-emetics, antivirals. Give us a call today. (*Prescriptions subject to regulatory standards of practice, and may include labwork prior)


Complete physicals for employment, corporate wellness programs, Department of Transportation (DOT), camp, school, and sports physicals for individuals aged 5 to 100. Injections for vaccines for travel, B-12, flu, fertility treatments, STD testing and treatment

Take charge of your health with our medically supervised weight loss program that is customized for you


IV hydration Therapy

Feel better faster with IV hydration & vitamin treatments for immunity, jet lag, hangovers, fitness & weight loss, energy, migraines, & stress.

Licensed and board certified medical professionals

Diagnose, treat, and manage a full suite of medical ailments in the comfort of your home or office environment.

Our providers are licensed and board certified to diagnose, treat, and manage a full suite of
medical ailments in the comfort of your home or office environment.

Acute/Minor Illness
WeVisit providers can diagnosis and treat common infections, viruses and other illnesses with prescription therapy if necessary.
IV Hydration- Restore balance
& can provide quick relief from the cause and symptoms of dehydration, hangovers, food poisoning and exhaustion.
Urgent Care on Demand
provide immediate care for non-life threatening injuries such as sprains, strains and wounds requiring suturing
Weight Loss
Medically supervised weight loss programs in your home including prescription therapy, Lipotropic Injections, meal planning, and weekly weigh ins.

Visit our clinic or we travel to your home, work, or place of leisure to provide diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of acute illnesses, or chronic diseases with prescriptions that can be delivered to you!

There are no membership fees of any kind. "WeVisit" pricing starts at $69. Take action and click the "Come Visit Me" tab to complete the necessary information & you will be contacted by our friendly staff to discuss your personal needs. Schedule for "WeVisit" appointment today... we are only
a click away or call to schedule at 704-344-6494.