What is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioners are healthcare professionals who undergo several years of graduate level medical training and a rigorous board-certification process in order to practice medicine. They provide a full range of primary, acute and specialty healthcare services, and, as nurses, they bring a special sort of caring to their work

Who will see me, should I request a visit?

Advanced Practice Care utilizes physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants for provide competent first class healthcare to our patients.

Does Advanced Practice Care accept insurance?

Advanced Practice Care does not accept health insurance directly. However, our services may be reimbursable by your insurance provider. Please note that coverage of our services is determined by your individual insurance provider and may be subject to a deductible.

How does billing work, I have insurance?

We will charge your credit card for all services rendered at the conclusion of your visit. If you would like to submit the charges to your insurance provider, please let us know by selecting the appropriate box on your patient registration form. We will provide you with the appropriate paperwork and can assist you in filing the claim if necessary.