Our Approach

Advanced Practice Care believes in making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. Why spend hours in a waiting room at an urgent care center, or wait weeks or even months to be seen in a doctor’s office, when your healthcare needs can be met by allowing us to make nurse practitioner home visits to you? OUR business focuses on you, the patient, by allowing time for you to discuss your needs and concerns about your health while in the intimate setting of your home or office. Your living room is the waiting room.

Our Story

Advanced Care is locally owned and operated by licensed, board-certified advanced practice nurse practitioners that collaborate with area physicians to deliver direct primary care in Charlotte, NC and better serve our patients aged 5 to 100.

Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose, treat, and manage medical conditions and write prescriptions for you when appropriate. Our providers are passionate about ensuring that our patients are educated about their medical conditions, the medications that are needed, and the prognosis for their ailments. With years of experience in Family Medicine, Retail Health, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, and Home Health, our providers are well-trained to handle your healthcare needs. This holds true whether you need treatment for strep, a physical exam for school, a hydration clinic in Charlotte, or anything in between.

Meet The Team

At Advanced Practice Care our providers are just like you… busy with families! We are soccer moms, baseball team coach dads, carpool neighbors, yoga instructors, and busy professionals all while trying to balance it all… walk in or schedule a visit today, so that we can introduce ourselves to you!

I started practicing as a pharmacist in the 1980s. Back then, I knew every patient and their families that walked through the door. And I still do today. At Giant Genie we make sure to keep that our focus. I’ve seen pharmacy turn into something that resembles the fast food industry over the past decade or two. We still get your prescriptions to you quicker than the big box stores, but we maintain the relationships with all the doctors in the area to make sure you are receiving optimal health care

— R.Ph. Robby Jones; Managing Pharmacist


Visit our clinic in Charlotte, NC, or we travel to your home, work, or place of leisure to provide diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of acute illnesses, or chronic diseases with prescriptions that can be delivered to you!

There are no membership fees of any kind. “WeVisit” pricing starts at $69. Take action and click the “Come Visit Me” tab to complete the necessary information & you will be contacted by our friendly staff to discuss your personal needs. Schedule for “WeVisit” appointment today… we are only
a click away or call to schedule at 704-344-6494.