APC’s We Visit Weight Loss Therapy and the Proof Behind the Methods

Of all the health issues that people face today, weight loss is likely the one that affects most people. Few of us have ever had the privilege to breeze through life and never worry about our weight at some point. For this reason, weight loss weighs heavy on the minds of most of us and is a constant battle to be fought day in and day out.

That’s why APC’s We Visit Weight Loss Therapy has become such an important marker for people everywhere. Our approach to weight loss is not only easy but extremely effective. Whether you want to shed just a few pounds or cut away some inches, we have three different methods of treating your weight loss issues.

Appetite Suppressant Therapy

For most of us, losing weight is a real struggle. Sometimes we need a little extra boost to kick-start our weight loss and help us to maintain momentum. With our appetite suppressant therapy, patients can become a part of a short-term weight loss program that focuses on incorporating healthy eating habits and productive exercise into the normal routine of your life.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Our vitamin B12 injections can be considered a one size fits all nutritional benefit. Whether you need the shots to improve your mood, give you an energy boost, or to build your concentration, having them can do a lot to improve the quality of your health. Since B12 is a key element in your body’s circulatory system – when your body has an insufficient amount – having an injection can be very effective in reducing the body’s homocysteine levels.  In that way, they can clear away some of the blockages in the arteries and in the process lower the risk for heart disease or stroke.


For those who are serious about getting the weight off fast, they can have Lipotropic injections instead of the B12 shots. These contain several amino acids and Vitamin B12 to give you a great weight loss tool. These injections coupled with a good healthy nutrition plan and exercise can actually accelerate your weight loss by helping your body to better metabolize the fat.

Each one of these treatments can be very effective in helping you to lose the excess weight. In fact, all three of these therapies have yielded very positive results for those who want to get the weight off fast. This is because the lipotropic compounds in the injections are the same ones the body uses to help stimulate the breakdown of fat during the process of metabolism.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the unique combination of these injections works best for those who already have a Vitamin B12 deficiency where their nutrition and lifestyle doesn’t allow them to do build up their systems on their own. Therefore, those who are serious about shedding the excess weight will incorporate a whole new lifestyle regimen to ensure their success. This will include regular exercise along with a balanced nutrition plan that avoids foods that are heavy in fat, liquor, salt, and sugar. By working in tandem with our professional team, we can together create a unique plan that will be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

So, for anyone who is serious about making that change for a better, healthier, and smaller you, then it’s time to visit our clinic or schedule a home visit. This could actually be your one-stop-shop when it comes to weight loss North Carolina. Our professional team will ensure that your weight loss goals are within reach and can lay out a course for you that will guarantee your success in every way.

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